In Your Corner

As a member of UMACHA we appreciate you and the contribution your organization is making to serve the communities in which you live and work.  We want to ensure your success by being the partner you need. 


UMACHA represents its members in the national market as a direct member of NACHA, where we help shape and influence the governance and direction of the ACH Network and the NACHA Operating Rules. We are also ECCHO members, helping advocate for check and image exchange issues, our certified NCP trainers are here to help you earn your NCP certification.  We actively participate in the Faster Payments Council and the Center for Payments groups.

As payment experts, we are active participants in rulemaking committees, workgroups and subgroups,  and work closely with other regional payments associations, the Fed, and other payment partners to help the payments network continue to add value to our members for service delivery.

Each day we help our members through sharing knowledge and expertise.

  • We are here when you call with specific, urgent operational questions that need immediate resolution.
  • We provide relevant, timely training on payment issues, on-going education to help your staff do their jobs better and protect your organization and constituents from fraud losses.
  • We provide first-in-class audit, compliance and risk assessment services to our members and clients.
  • We offer critical guides, reference cards and publications for ACH processes and risk assessment to support your team.

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