Education Club - NEW & Improved

The Education Club is designed to allow your Financial Institution or organization to purchase token(s) as a group and at a discount from the standard online store pricing, then use them throughout the current or future calendar years access educational events.  Token(s) can be used for webinars, symposiums, workshops (full and half day events). 

NEW: Beginning later in 2023 tokens can be used to purchase on-demand education!

Quality education on your terms, your schedule, plus a reduction in budget means increased value.  Allows you to stretch your education dollars for your team!

How it works:

  • Evaluate your educational needs
  • Determine which tier best suits you
  • Select one or more tiers from the Member ONLY - Online Store
  • Receive your receipt for purchase, which opens your exclusive options to purchase events with tokens
  • Redeem tokens upon checkout when registering online
    • Points can be used for most education events including webinars, workshops, or symposiums 
    • Tokens are used for the year they are purchased and exclusive to a calendar year.  Remaining tokens for a particular calendar year will expire at the end of that calendar year
  • NEW in 2022:  Tokens can be purchased for a future calendar year (Purchase tokens in current year for use in the next year).  In other words earmarking education funds per year
  • NEW in 2023:  Tokens can be used for on-demand webinars in the Online Store
  • Must be a member of UMACHA

The ability to purchase and use tokens is an exclusive UMACHA member benefit.  Begin by determining which Education Club tier is right for your organization.

Education Club Tiers

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. Log into UMACHA’s website to access the Members Only page.
  2. Click the Resources option within the Member Menu, then click Online Store find the education tier that you want
  3. Search and browse the available education options from the Education Calendar offerings, to find webinar, workshop or symposium offerings that would benefit your organization.
  4. Select the option to apply existing tokens during the checkout process.

Freshman Tier:
6 points for $400              *Save up to 29%
(Equivalent to 120 minutes of webinars or half day in-person or virtual workshop)
Sophomore Tier:
12 points for $775             *Save up to 35%
(Equivalent to four 90-minute webinars or in-person or virtual workshops)
Junior Tier:
18 points for $1,050           *Save up to 41%
(Equivalent to six 90-minute webinars or in-person or virtual workshops)
Senior Tier:
24 points for $1,300           *Save up to 45%
(Equivalent to eight 90-minute webinars or in-person or virtual workshops)

1 point =  30 minutes of webinar training
2 points =  60 minutes of webinar training
3 points =  90 minutes of webinar training or a in-person or virtual workshop*

 *excludes Navigating Payments, and On-Demand webianrs (coming soon)

NOTE:  Select the Education Club tier listed above that is right for your organization, add the Education Club tokens to your cart, then click Checkout to purchase your tokens. You can select which year the Education Club tokens are being purchased for – this allows you to purchase tokens this year that you intend to use in a future year, if desired!

    In need of a more personalized education curriculum? Give our team a call today at (800) 348-3692 or email and let us create customized training just for you!