Conference Agenda

Day 1 – Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Registration and Breakfast


Track 1: Captains Room
Breakout Session: BSA Compliance: What Keeps You up at Night? 
Becky Frederick, Minnesota Credit Union Network

This presentation will address critical topics of BSA audit requirements, BSA examination Issues, Recent BSA enforcement actions, Cryptocurrency, and Current BSA developments. Presenter will share insights from regulators and examination findings. Current BSA developments will address sanctions and FinCEN developments.

Track 2: Garden City Ballroom
Breakout Session: Red Alert: Making Sense of the Computer Security Incident Notification Rule
Kim Ford, Fiserv
John Carlson, ABA
This session, co-hosted by senior policy staff with the American Bankers Association and FISERV, will focus on preparing banks and service providers for the early alert notice taking effect on May 1, 2022. We will detangle contractual and supervisory expectations and suggest how to determine severity and comply with notice requirements collaboratively while navigating operational challenges and disruptions.

Track 3: Harvest Room
Breakout Session: Preparing for Changes in Third-Party Sender Roles and Responsibilities 
Moderator:  Sara Hentges, UMACHA

Nanci McKenzie, Affirmative Technologies
Dave Ranschau, MetaBank
Penny Hults, Premier Banks

Two Rules become effective September 30, 2022, with a 6-month grace period for certain aspects of each rule. This session will walk through the changes, new Rules, and what the responsibilities will be for ODFIs, Third-Party Senders, Third-Party Service Providers, and Nested Third-Party Senders. This session will provide great energy to a seemingly confusing and controversial subject and leave attendees with the confidence to follow and adhere to the new rules.


Unofficial Start: Carriage Hall

Opening Trivia with Jason
Jason Johnson, UMACHA
Join us to kick off the conference with a rousing game of trivia hosted by our very own UMACHA trivia guru! Join early for some fun engaging banter and there could be a prize in there for you.  You might even learn something about Payments!


Conference Kick off: Carriage Hall

CEO Opening Remarks: Angi Farren, UMACHA

Fraud Prevention Opening Keynote: Carriage Hall
Being a Fraud Fighter in this New Era
Michael LaFleur, Threatmark
In this new era of fraud, banks and credit unions need to find new ways to build trusted, safe, and frictionless online systems. New approaches, including advanced solutions leveraging AI-powered digital behavior analytics, can prevent fraud, learn from fraud attempts, and prevent fraud across the customer‘s digital journey. New tools and techniques can help equip fraud fighters to battle new fraud vectors.


Refreshment Break


General Session: Carriage Hall

Fraud Detection and Prevention
Mike Olson, 360 Security Services
John McCullough, FRPA
When you're faced with financial fraud and it needs to be investigated, where to start, and what will be the likelihood that law enforcement will actively pursue a case?  How have other success cases been handled and what is the biggest challenge facing financial institutions now and in the next five years.  Are you ready to innovate.  Come, listen and learn from an expert.


Lunch: Carriage Hall

Track 1: Captains Room
Breakout Session: FRFS Check and ACH Volume Trends
Mike Williams, Federal Reserve Bank
Federal Reserve perspective on historical and current Check and ACH volume trends 
Track 2: Garden City Ballroom
Breakout Session: Evolving Expectations - The Next Payments Wave
Matt Herren, CSI

Retail banking has forever changed.  It is not enough to just offer innovative product and services- it is critical to explain to consumers how these changes will benefit them.  Some even question the need for an overall relevance of banks in the 21st century.  In this session, we will discuss the transition to a more customer centric approach how emerging financial technology trends will fit in to our collective future.  The rate and pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.  It is imperative that all institutions understand the consumer challenges currently faced int he financial technology world, and more importantly, how the industy is planning to address them.

Track 3: Harvest Room
Breakout Session: Legal and Compliance:  One Size Does Not Fit All
Ana Cavazos, Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta
Elaine Owens, Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta

One Size Does Not Fit All But Should it? Today‘s global ecommerce requires agility with not only accepting and/or offering varied payment methods to client base, but doing so while ensuring your compliance requirements are met and trusting that those payment platforms are secure and resilient. But what happens if you encounter fraud, errors, delays, or chargebacks? How do you navigate the legal web of myriad payments laws, remedies and compliance requirements when things do not go just as planned? This session will answer these questions and consider other common payment problems and compliance issues followed by suggestions from two payment and compliance attorneys for how to best navigate them. 


Networking Break


Track 1: Captains Room
Breakout Session: Generational Banking Panel
Moderator: Melissa Wait, CCF
UMACHA Panelists:  
Steph Ihbe
Jason Johnson
Patricia Kipka

Join our panel representing various generational viewpoints   You'll hear them discuss the differences in how they feel about banking and what they do and do not use in today's offers of traditional and non-traditional banking services.

Track 2: Garden City Ballroom
Breakout Session: Impact of NEW ACH Rules
Kim Ellis, UMACHA

Eric Wester, UMACHA
Don‘t be left in the dark! There are upcoming ACH changes that will affect all of us, so ignorance will NOT be bliss if you don‘t educate yourselves and have a plan in place to comply.  Listen in on this Informative session to stay up to date with the newest Rules changes affecting the per-entry limit for Same Day ACH, phase two of Supplementing Data Security Requirements, Micro Entries and additional responsibilities for Third-Party Senders.    

Track 3: Harvest Room
Breakout Session:  Cannabis on Aisle 8: Is this the New Norm?  (Panel)

Moderator: Stacy Bjornstad, Digipli

Kelly Halvorson, Key Bank
Steven Brown, Nothing But Hemp
Cami Cantrell, Shield Compliance
Susan Burns, Burns
While cannabis is becoming more socially acceptable and legalization increases across the US, regulatory and financial challenges persist given the federal legal ban.  In this session we will explore all perspectives:  Those operating within the CBD/cannabis industry – the entrepreneur’s perspective,   The banks confined to their regulatory restrictions.  The bank compliance perspective,
those facilitating and fostering cannabis financial services.  The payments perspective.
Session attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the cannabis industry evolution – both broadly and within banking, challenges that persist, and opportunities to address the challenges. What should banks think about as they prepare to/if they embrace this growing industry.


Refreshment Break


General Session: Carriage Hall
Day 1 Closing General Session: The Identity of Faster Payments
Introduction by Kim Ford, Fiserv
Peter Tapling, PTap Advisory, LLC
Mary Ann Miller, Prove (ex-of Varo Bank)

Randy Corcoran, Stearns Bank
It appears some cannot talk about faster payments without talking about fraud. Has the faster movement of money created a spike in payments fraud? How will fraud and tactics to perpetrate fraud evolve with new faster payments advancements? In this session, break through the hype as panelists provide data points and statistics on the prevalence of fraud as it relates to various faster payments solutions and predictions for the future. Walk away with tips on how to safeguard the users of faster payments solutions, as well as predictions for the future.


Closing Remarks: Carriage Hall

Opening Reception: Earle Brown Courtyard

Day Two – Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Early Bird Sessions

Track 1: Captains Room
Early Bird Professional Development Session:
Are you Certifiably Ready to Try?
Anne Nehring, Wells Fargo

The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) the National Check Professional (NCP) and the Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) designations are highly regarded in the payments industry. Attend this session to ask your specific questions, and to learn more about the AAPNCP and APRP certifications and how they benefit both you and your organization. This session will provide the history of the certifications, the benefits, and best practices for studying for any of the exam(s). If you are considering sitting for the AAPAPRP and/or NCP in 2023, come and learn how you can take the next step toward your goal of becoming an accredited industry expert.

Track 2: Garden City Ballroom
Early Bird Professional Development Session:

Finding Purpose on the Trail
Kevin Olsen, V-soft
Have you ever wondered or been asked what your purpose is? Then fumbled for a response only to be left wondering, what is my purpose? What if it were possible to define you and to define your purpose in just a couple of words? Join Kevin Olsen, certified business coach, on a journey to learn how you can define and find your purpose out on the trail of life.

Track 3: Harvest Room
Early Bird Professional Development Session:
Habits of High Performers:  Practices that some of the world's best use to gain a high-performance edge and accelerate success and happiness.
Krista Ryan, KfG Coaching
In this fun, energetic morning session you will hear practical tools and practices that you can start using TODAY to take your performance to the next level.  For more than 19 years, Krista has collected data from thousands of employees she has coached worldwide. In this session, she will share themes, habits and commonalities from her experience with some of these elite performers.  You will be able to leave this session with practices to implement in your own careers and lives to give you a high performance edge. Its go time!


Breakfast in the Carriage Hall


Day 2 Opening Remarks: Carriage Hall

Opening Remarks: Angi Farren, UMACHA 
Federal Reserve Financial Services - Tim Boike


Pre-opening Session Opener: Carriage Hall

Kevin Olsen, V-Soft


Opening General Session: Carriage Hall

ACH State of the Union: The Evolution and Modernization of the ACH Network
Scott Lang, Nacha

We won‘t be playing Hail to the Chief at this State of the Union, but there‘s going to be plenty to talk about.  Join us for a preview of ongoing and upcoming Nacha initiatives to keep the modern ACH Network the robust payment system it is.  We‘ll look at the wealth of use cases for both traditional and Same Day ACH – including some you might never have thought about.  We‘ll also update you on new Nacha Rules initiatives and current trends in ACH risk management and fraud prevention.


Refreshment Break


Track 1: Captains Room
Breakout Session: Impace of NEW ACH Rules

Kim Ellis, UMACHA
Eric Wester, UMACHA

Don‘t be left in the dark! There are upcoming ACH changes that will affect all of us, so ignorance will NOT be bliss if you don‘t educate yourselves and have a plan in place to comply.  Listen in on this Informative session to stay up to date with the newest Rules changes affecting the per-entry limit for Same Day ACH, phase two of Supplementing Data Security Requirements, Micro Entries and additional responsibilities for Third-Party Senders.

Track 2: Garden City Ballroom
Breakout Session: FedNow - Accelerate Your Organization with Instant Payments

Tim Boike, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Will your organization be ready to capitalize on instant payments when the FedNow Service arrives in 2023? This service will enable financial institutions and other service providers to offer innovative instant payments solutions that support a broad range of transaction types and use cases for businesses and consumers alike. Join Tim Boike, Vice President Industry Relations - Federal Reserve Financial Services, to learn about FedNow functionality, use case opportunities [and research on U.S. instant payments demand]. Plus, learn about resources available today to help your organization embrace instant payments transformation with an actionable strategy for FedNow Service implementation.

Track 3: Harvest Room
Breakout Session: Faster Payments Use Cases
Kevin Olsen, V-Soft
Mary Williams, UBB

Everyone keeps talking about how faster payments are coming and are going to change the world of electronic payments. But the question really is, who and how will anyone use these faster payments? Will it be a consumer only or business only use case? Will it be both? How can your financial institution benefit from faster payments and find use cases to take advantage of RTP and FedNow. Join Mary Williams, COO of UBB, and Kevin The Payments Professor Olsen, SVP of Payment Solutions with VSoft to learn and discover more. 


General Lunch and Invite Only Certification Lunch

Track 1: Captains Room
Breakout Session: AI and Financial Institutions
Chris Colson, Federal Reserve Bank
David Excell, FeatureSpace

Use cases and in-depth discussion of how Artificial Intelligence is being used in the Financial Institution space. Hear from the Federal Reserve and FeatureSpace real life stories of implementation and all that comes with using this fascinating technology in our banks and credit unions.
Track 2: Garden City Ballroom
Breakout Session: Micro and Small Business Banking: A Closer Look at Big Opportunities
Tim Finkenstaedt, Q2
Many FIs continue to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to micro and small businesses for digital banking, and in doing so, fail to meet the unique needs of a large, underserved market segment. What most small businesses want right now is digital banking experience tailored to their needs – one that provides flexibility and delivers ease of use and seamless integration to the products they require to run their businesses more effectively. This shift in preference for digital creates more pressure on financial institutions to deliver better experiences to businesses not only for transactional banking, but for all interactions including account opening, adding new products, lending, and integration with other financial solutions used to run their businesses.  The FIs making major inroads with businesses are those providing the experiences and capabilities that are aligned with the personas of these businesses. In doing so, they are enjoying deposit growth, more fee revenue, and greater cross-selling. Join us to learn how your FI can reduce attrition, win new business account holders, and develop and strengthen relationships with more attuned digital business banking.

Track 3: Harvest Room

Breakout Session: Considerations for a 24x7x365 World
Jason Carone, The Clearing House
As payments continue to move faster, new requirements and processes are necessary to ensure institutions are meeting customer expectations


Networking Break

Track 1: Captains Room
Breakout Session: Will Lockbox Outlive Checks?
Michael Reynolds, TMR

Will lockbox remain relevant in a dynamic payments landscape if (when) there are no more B2B checks? The answer is yes! It will, however, require financial institutions to focus on the strategic importance of extracting value from the payment's ecosystem. And that value is the capture, reporting and delivery of remittance data associated with B2B payments regardless of the payment channel – check or electronic.
Track 2: Garden City Ballroom
Breakout Session: Common Audit and Risk Assessment Findings
Sara Hentges, UMACHA
Andy Benhardus, UMACHA
Jamie Herbert, UMACHA
Nate Itzen, UMACHA
Kim Stachak, UMACHA

Come in and listen to our stories from the field as our entire compliance team shares what 2021 and 2022 brought to light as common audit and risk assessment findings.  Learn from the best what to do and not to do when you audit and assess payment risk.

Track 3: Harvest Room
Breakout Session: Check Payment Updates
Angie Smith, Wespay
As payments continue to evolve, check payments are no different. Come hear the latest changes that have taken place with Fed and private sector adjustments that will help you mitigate your risk. Other warranties and indemnities will be covered under check rules and regulations will be highlighted.


Refreshment Break


Closing Keynote Session: Carriage Hall
Build a Momentum Mindset:  How to be more Adaptable, Resilient and Ready to Navigate an Ever-Changing
Introduction by Jennifer Miller, UMACHA
Kim Becking- Speaker and Author

Change, uncertainty and disruption are guaranteed – especially now. But growth and progress are not. How you deal with this ever-changing uncertain stressful world is completely up to you. You have a choice.  You can stay stuck or develop a Momentum Mindset® so that you can become more adaptable, resilient and ready to navigate a rapidly changing world. 

Kim shares her own stories of adaptability and resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability, humor, and motivation and will share how to use resilience to not only navigate and cope during change and uncertainty but build a Momentum Mindset where you develop the adaptability and resilience muscles needed to push past limited thinking and use challenges, change and uncertainty as the fuel needed to propel you forward–stronger and better. 

Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to transform your mindset to think differently, conquer change and challenges, reduce stress and overwhelm and create the everyday resilience required in this rapidly changing world to cultivate an adaptable and resilient mindset for you and those you lead no matter what. 


Closing Remarks and Prizes: Carriage Hall

Join us for our favorite part of the conference, the prize drawings!