Corporate ACH Origination Quick Reference Card

This quick reference tool is what every company needs to highlight the “need to know information” about ACH!

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Corporate ACH User Quick Reference Cards (set of 4)

This four-card series is designed specifically for Corporate ACH users. These durable desktop reference cards give Originators fingertip access to critical information for the correct handling of ACH returns, dishonored returns, and Notifications of Change (NOC).

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Returns Quick Reference Card

Your operations staff will want this handy reference card to turn to when processing ACH returns. Listing the most frequently used return codes and categorizing them into easy-to-find groups, this card provides important "must know" information specific to each code, such as: Return Timeframes, Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) Requirements, Codes Specific to Stop Payments and Represented Checks (RCK), Consumer or Non-Consumer Accounts, and Common Dishonored and Contested-Dishonored Returns.

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Standard Entry Class (SEC) Code Detail Cards (set of 15)

Updated 2021

A complete 15-card set includes 13 SEC Codes: PPD, TEL, CCD, CTX, WEB [Credit], WEB [Debit], ARC, BOC, POP, POS, RCK, CIE, IAT.

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The Return & Change Codes of the NACHA Operating Rules

This quick reference tool is what every ACH participant needs to assist with their day-to-day ACH Operations. In this unique "tennis court" design, you'll have all the Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes (otherwise referred to as the forward ACH entry); plus all the return reason codes, NOC codes, including timeframes allowed for each according to the ACH Rules, right at your fingertips!

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Unauthorized ACH Pre-Return Quick Reference Card

Introducing the new Unauthorized ACH Reference Card. UMACHA has created this tool to help your operations staff when facing a stop pay vs. Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) dilemma.

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