1. How do I retain my AAP credits? 
    1. There are several face-to-face workshops scheduled in the UMACHA region throughout the year for AAP workshops, ACH Audit workshops, UMACHA Payments Universities and our annual Navigating Payments conference.  UMACHA also offers webinars and when you're not available to attend those, we have a huge library of on-demand recorded webinars from which to choose.

Other educational activities to consider are:

  • Attend the National NACHA Payments conference
  • Volunteer on UMACHA committees
  • Enroll in the AAP Buddy Program as a mentor.
  • Publish an article, book or paper on an ACH topic.
  • Teach a course or seminar on an AAP-related topic.
  • Submit a session topic to co-present at out Annual Navigating Payments conference

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