What We Do

Financial institutions and corporate members across the Midwest choose UMACHA as a key resource to enhance their understanding of electronic payments. We're known for our extensive knowledge base, our high quality services, as well as our national presence in the payments industry.

Our Vision

We will become the extraordinary and distinctive provider of knowledge and services for payment system stakeholders.

Our Mission

We are a best in class provider of payments services, demonstrating our knowledge, professionalism and passion through our quality and dedication to members and stakeholders.

Who We Serve

UMACHA serves over 750 member banks, credit unions, affiliates, and partner organizations located in Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Upper Midwest

High Standards of Education and Knowledge-Based Training

UMACHA sponsors and presents a wide variety of education sessions, both in an in-person environment and via webinar and teleseminar format. Our sessions focus on all aspects of electronic payments with special emphasis on ACH, image/check, wires, card, emerging payments. UMACHA also supports the national Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) program and the National Check Professional (NCP) program. Working closely with the ACH Operators, especially the Ninth Federal Reserve Bank, local and national government agencies, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, UMACHA helps ensure quality and high customer service levels. Our Compliance Services team helps you complete your annual ACH audit, assess your risks when it comes to originating and receiving ACH entries and RDC transactions, and ensures you have appropriate policies and procedures in place to limit your risk.

National Presence

UMACHA represents its members in the national market through participation in, and through its membership in the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and the Electronic Check Clearing House Association (ECCHO). UMACHA members are currently serving on the NACHA Board of Directors and are in leadership positions in many of NACHA's industry groups, including the NACHA Government Relations Group, Communications Management Advisory Group and the newly formed Payments Innovation Alliance. UMACHA staff also participate in many of the conferences held by our sister Regional Payments Associations.


Our History









February - Upper Midwest ACH Clearing House is formed. UMACHA was formed out of one of the original SCOPE committees that were created in the late 1960's to find a way to electronify check data. UMACHA established local ACH rules and formats for electronic payment transfers, paving the way for the first electronic payment in the 9th Federal Reserve district.

June - UMACHA joins with RPA's from California (CACHA), Georgia (GACHA), and the New England ACH Association (NEACH) to found the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). NACHA's primary role was to create an inter-regional electronic entry exchange between RPA's, applying a common set of Rules. Virgil Dissmeyer from Northwestern National Bank in Minneapolis (Norwest) was the second Chairman of NACHA.

Originally, all members of UMACHA were banks; eventually joined by Savings and Loan Associations and Credit Unions as members.




November - UMACHA hires an Executive Director. Prior to joining UMACHA as its Executive Director, Mr. Fred Laing, II, was a Cash Management Officer and ACH Product Manager for Norwest Bank Minnesota. He holds a B.A. from Moorhead St. College in Economics.




UMACHA holds its first conference. UMACHA and the Federal Reserve partner with each other to hold its first Federal Reserve/UMACHA Marketing Conference, eventually to become known as the Navigating Payments conference. This conference is the longest running conference in the country and is also one of the largest regional conferences on payments.

Early 1990’s





UMACHA adds valuable member benefits. Highly committed to member services, UMACHA rolled out an 800 number that was shared with all members to encourage them to call their association whenever they had a question or issue.

Shortly thereafter, UMACHA, MPX and WACHA partnered to offer a Fax-On-Demand service, so members could easily get forms, sample contracts, and other useful information at any time, day or night.

Primarily focusing on ACH education in the 1970’s and 80’s, UMACHA branched out in the 1990’s to offer in-person workshops on check basics, wire transfers, and cash management.

Late 1990’s



UMACHA releases its first website. This website was very basic and had very limited information. Since that time, UMACHA has experienced four upgrades of the website (www.umacha.org), the most recent occurring August 30th, 2014.



UMACHA adds an Audit Department. This new department allows UMACHA to assist members with on-site ACH Audit services.




UMACHA begins performing RDC Risk Assessments. Expanding its compliance services, UMACHA begins to assist members in identifying and mitigating the risk in providing a remote deposit capture product.




UMACHA begins performing ACH Risk Assessments. To reflect the addition of the new service, the Audit Department changes its name to Compliance Services Department.




Compliance Services Department performs first Third-Party Sender Audit. UMACHA adds this service to assist members to be in compliance with the ACH rule, which requires Third-Party Service Providers and Third-Party Senders to perform annual ACH audits if they provide services to FIs. 



UMACHA Members' AAP Exam Pass-rate Exceeds all other RPAs'. UMACHA member's pass-rate was 61%, towering above the national overall rate at only 50.9%. Those taking part in our 4-Step AAP Prep Series managed a spectacular 75% pass-rate!

Present Day






UMACHA continues to evolve for the benefit of its members. In addition to in-person workshops and conferences, the UMACHA Education Department has added tele-seminars, webinars, and symposiums to its course schedule. A new Learning Management System is currently under development.

The Compliance Services Department has quickly evolved to reflect the ever-changing risk management requirements of the ACH Rules and other governing regulations. In addition to ACH Audits, the department also offers ACH Risk Assessments, RDC Risk Assessments, and Third-Party ACH Audits (members-only). Compliance Department staff also author various compliance publications which are updated annually and offered for purchase.

UMACHA has several AAPs and NCPs on staff to answer members' questions over the phone and via email to info@umacha.org.


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