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Nacha Request for Comment Now Open

Two Sets of Proposals with Different Response Deadlines


Requests for Comment on Two Sets of Proposals
Nacha is requesting industry feedback on two sets of Rules proposals:

  1. Reversals and Enforcement; and
  2. Account Information Improvements Through the ACH Network.

Each set of proposals is described below.

Request for Comment – Reversals and Enforcement – Responses Due by Friday, June 19, 2020

Nacha requests comment on a set of proposals that is intended to deter and prevent, to the extent possible, the improper use of reversals and the harm it can cause to consumers, RDFIs, and to the reputation of the ACH Network; and to improve Nacha’s ability to enforce the Rules in instances of egregious violations.  Although the Rules already define only a limited number of permissible reasons for Reversals, this proposal would specifically state that the initiation of Reversing Entries or Files for any reason other than those explicitly permissible under the Rules is prohibited; and explicitly define within the Rules non-exclusive instances of circumstances in which the origination of reversals is improper.  The proposal would also provide Nacha with the authority to take additional enforcement action with respect to an egregious violation of the Rules.

Request for Comment – Account Information Improvements Through the ACH Network – Responses Due by Friday, July 17, 2020

Nacha requests comments on a second set of proposals that is intended to improve the capabilities of the ACH Network to validate and correct account information.  These proposed changes would provide ACH Network participants with more reliable, low-cost, ACH Network-based solutions to validate a Receiver’s account.  The set of proposals should be considered in its entirety in order to provide benefits to all parties in the ACH Network.

The proposals would:

  1. Provide a “Yes/No” response by an RDFI to all prenotifications;
  2. Shorten the timing for a prenotification and its response;
  3. Standardize practices for the use of micro-entries;
  4. Standardize formatting for both prenotes and micro-entries; and
  5. Improve compliance with Notifications of Change.


This set of Rules proposals intends to improve both sides of the account information equation by improving the function and effectiveness of the ACH Network’s account validation methods, and improving the effectiveness of the Notification of Change process.  By addressing both sides, this proposal intends to provide benefits for both the origination and receipt side of ACH payments


Documentation and Comment Process

All Nacha proposed rules are open for public comment via a Request for Comment.  Nacha encourages responses from ACH Network participants and other interested parties.  For more information about the proposed rules and how to submit comments, please visit



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