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Information Regarding MyPayrollHR Unauthorized Reversals

Over the last week many of you have heard about or had a customer/member affected by the New York payroll company MyPayroll HR sending unauthorized ACH reversals then closing its virtual doors. This unfortunate payroll processor situation has impacted many consumers and businesses, and now the FBI is seeking information from business owners who may have suffered a financial loss due to the alleged activity of MyPayrollHR and its affiliates.

If you have had customers/members afflicted by MyPayrollHR please email with company contact information, number of employees, and the estimated financial impact to the businesses and its employees.  

In addition, if your customer/member has received unauthorized reversals from MyPayRollHR, please have them fill out a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) form and return the items R10 (Unauthorized).

Nacha issued a statement about this process earlier this week

This situation is creating a lot of noise and confusion about the ACH Network and invalid information is being communicated causing end-users to have doubts about direct deposit.

We wanted to make sure you have the proper resources to promote the use of direct deposit and we ask that you help us remind the industry direct deposit is safe and secure by utilizing these tools and communication pieces that Nacha has recently developed for your use 

This infographic that can be downloaded shows the advantage of direct deposit in a simple format

Please pass this information on to others at your organization that will find it relevant and don’t hesitate to reach out and call us if you have any questions or concerns.

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