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Uniform Payments Alert

Fraud Suspected


Issued By: EPCOR

Source of Information: FI Member

Scope of Impact: Nationwide

Type of Alert: Fraud Suspected

Statement of Issue: Banterra Bank, routing number 081222593, is experiencing fraud with Official Checks.  The amounts we are seeing are $1,900, $1,950 and $2,900.  Ralph Durrant has been the Remitter and the signature that has been compromised is Alyssa D Byars.  The majority have been dated January 30, 2019.  Please be aware and call on any Official Checks you may receive for deposit or cash. We are seeing checks from coast to coast.

Instructions: Contact Banterra Bank’s Fraud Department at 877.541.2265, option 3 or Sara Oxford, Overdraft Manager at 618.273.8454.


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Banterra Bank




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