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Business Payments Coalition e-Invoice Interoperability Framework Webinar

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In case you missed it, on December 30, the Business Payments Coalition (BPC) published their third electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) report as part of their 2019 initiative to continue dialogue with the industry to address barriers to corporate business-to-business (B2B) payments efficiency. The e-Invoice Interoperability Framework: Semantic Model Assessmentcomplements the two e-Invoicing reports published in November – together the three reports lay the foundation for establishing an e-Invoice framework in the U.S. E-Invoicing is a necessary first step to achieving straight-through processing for B2B payments transactions.
Check out the three reports below:
Webinar Opportunity
Date: Thursday, January 30
Time: 12 - 1 p.m. CT
You are invited to the second webinar in this series, which will explore the e-Delivery Network Feasibility Assessment and the Semantic Model Assessment reports. This session builds on the December 5 webinar, which covered the Overview of an e-Invoice Interoperability Framework report. If you missed it, be sure to view the recording.
The e-Invoice Interoperability Framework: e-Delivery Network Feasibility and Semantic Model Assessments webinar highlights:
  • The high-level requirements and standards required to establish an open, federated network of access points for the U.S.
  • How existing semantic data models inform the requirements and recommendations for the U.S.
Your questions and comments are welcome throughout the webinar. Be sure to register today!


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